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What we have built here is a lot more than the digital version of the newspaper, we are proud running members of a digital experience of the latest news and updates from around the world. As might surprise a lot of our readers, we are ourselves first and foremost readers of the greatest versions of tech updates.

Digesting the news that hit our newsrooms well before they are cleared for publishing, we always find it in the best interest of the readers to make all efforts towards getting the truest versions of the news out to the world. It is an educational process that we willingly take ownership of and are always looking to add members to.

We say what’s needed to say about the defining moments in a field that shapes the lives of everyone, regardless of their awareness or lack thereof. Through the sharable content that comes from us, the greater part of the world eventually comes across our work. Social media goes a long way to sharing the content with indirect members of the platform, but we always treat each article as though it will be read by the entire planet. That goes a long way in making each reader feel included.