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Top 11 Tips For Graphic Banner With a Strong Impression

Top 11 Tips For Graphic Banner With a Strong Impression


Majority of businesses spend a lot of money to have banner-stand graphics designed for them. What they don’t know is that this can be achieved with a simple full color wide format available at the local store.

Businesses use portable banner stands to advertise their list of products and services. By simply placing them at the entrance or at events, it allows customers to read and digest the message being conveyed. In the end, it’s up to the customer to make the decision of purchasing the product or service from the business.

Apart from promoting products and services, businesses may opt to announce special promotions or to use the stands as low cost backdrops at tabletop exhibits.

A visually appealing design
As a business, it is important to design and print a visually appealing banner stand graphic that promotes the brand, its products and services. The banner should have a strong impression on customers viewing it from a distance of 3ft to 20ft.

Do you want to craft visually appealing banner stand graphic with a strong impression? Here are a few tips you get started.

1 – Use the supplied template
It is wise to use the supplied template provided by the banner stand manufacturer. Not only is the template available in industry specific dimensions but it eliminates the need of resizing.

2 – Avoid overloading the banner with information
Yes, do not overload the banner with information. Choose a different banner to convey a different message. Here is how to know if your banner is overloaded. If the consumer takes over 3 seconds to digest the message, then it’s over loaded.

3 – Incorporate a visually appealing photo
Using a large eye catching image is better than using several smaller images. Why? Smaller images are a distraction and they consume a lot of time for the consumer to digest the message.

4 – Incorporate big bold type
Using big bold type and brief punchy phrases makes it easier for customers to read and understand what you are conveying. To convey your marketing message easier, limit the phrase to 6 words or less. The message should be 2 inches high if it will be viewed from 3 feet away and 4 inch high if the banner stand is 6 feet away.

5 – Use san serif font
This is much cleaner and easier to read even from a distance. The best fonts to use include Helvetica and Futura.

6 – Use high resolution images
Always choose high resolution images as it makes it easier to compress into smaller size. Furthermore, the image will not lose quality easily.

7 – incorporate your business logo
Without a business logo, your banner stand will seem to convey a general message. With a business logo, customers will attach the message to your brand making it easier for them to make a decision. You can incorporate a QR code that users can scan and browse your business website. This will allow them to take advantage of any special offers.

8 – Use high quality vector file
Vector files are perfect for large illustrations and decorative typography. This helps to make your banner stand visually appealing.

9 – Use contrast colors
Just like images, videos and music, color helps to makes everything to be bright and attractive. This is what will happen to your banner stand graphic. Use your brand colors not only on the graphic stand but on your brochures and pamphlets too.

10 – Select the best placement
You have several locations to choose from that will ensure you are able to grab the attention of your target audience. Some of these positions include right by the entrance, in the meeting room and around the reception area. To ensure it’s easy to read the message, make sure the selected position is well lit.

11 – Use the right inkjet material
Using the right inkjet material helps to take advantage of different lighting conditions. To ensure the banner-graphic stand is easy to read, use inkjet with matte surface. As a result, light will not reflect off the surface. Also, use flat polypropylene inkjet roll-up film for roll-up banners.


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